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Abbott and Costello in India

Abbott and Costello in India The Western Story Funny Cow Boy Comedy Colgate Comedy Hour. Costello is pumping the cows tail trying to get milk then he said “Maybe I gotta whined it up” lol that had me dying lol. Ponce De Leon gag was priceless… I couldn’t help but laugh my ### off. That guitar guy was Jacque O’Mahoney (Jock Mahoney)…….the bumbling would-be hero from the 3 Stooges era!! Stuntman born in Chicago IL. He was a funny yet subtle character who ran into a wall and said “I hurt my knee.” Always had a guitar in the Stooges classics and was a hero to Nell (played by Christine McIntyre) who was a fabulous soprano vocally! You’ll remember her from the Stooges “Voices Of Spring” fame……

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