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Benny Hill – Heroes Through the Ages (1989)

Heroes Through the Ages starts with several Angels dancing to “Holding Out For A Hero”, (a 1983 hit for Bonnie Tyler, performed here by Francesca Boulter who was credited along with The Ladybirds as “Vocal Backing” on this show. – William Brown), in what appears to a POW Camp. It starts with cavemen Benny and Bob Todd fighting over sexy cavewoman, Lorraine Doyle. They fight each other with sticks, with Benny winning Lorraine, until Bob throws a stone behind him and accidentaly hitting Benny on the head. Next, Benny and his sidekick are vikings that invade a small village and they try to kidnap Lorraine Doyle and another girl. (The sidekick in this case may have been Duggie Small. – William Brown). In the end, Benny gets bopped on the head and Jon Jon Keefe, Lorraine and Bob run off together. In France, Benny duels with Bob Todd to protect Lorraine Doyle. Benny gives Bob some snuff and Benny walks away with all of the women. Then, a duel between Henry McGee and Benny. Henry’s gun blows up and Benny walks away with the girl. We move to World War I and Benny throws a hand grenade to German Bob Todd who holds it just a little too long. In World War II, Benny is a sniper attempting to assassinate Adolf Hitler. However, he is distracted by the beautiful Lorraine Doyle covered in nothing but at a towel through her bedroom window. Benny escapes from some Nazi soldiers who spot him, but is ambushed by Lorraine Doyle and another girl as German officers. They make Benny strip down to his underwear. Then they strip down to their bustiers, stockings and heels and use his clothing as a disguise. Benny is then captured and put in the middle of a firing squad who wind up shooting each other. It all ends back in the POW Camp. All of the girls run off with soldiers. Johnny Hutch winds up with Bob Todd in drag.

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