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Operation Mad Ball 1957

Captain Lock reminds me of a captain I had in the Air Force back in the late 70’s. Super ego. He would always have me type up any ideas I would have… then reword them slightly and retype them and submit them under HIS name. But, just like Lock, he got caught. I ran into the site commander off base one day, and floated an idea of mine by him. He thought it was a great idea, and told me to submit it in the Suggestion Program. Of course, when I submitted it through channels, the captain reworded and retyped it like he always did… and submitted it under his name. At the monthly site meeting awhile later, the commander announced that a $3,500 reward was given for the suggestion. When the captain stood up to go down front and claim the check… the commander said, “No… the award and check goes to the man that had the idea… not the one that stole it and took credit for it”. The captain’s next eval was NOT good. And, after I left the site, I was promoted to E-5. I called back to tell the two civilian women that worked in the office. They had a big laugh, and told me the captain had been passed over for promotion for the second time. A third time, and he would be DEMOTED to an E-5 enlisted. He happened to walk in as we were talking, so they handed the phone to him. I told him about MY promotion… and said good luck the third time, or I’d have more time-in-grade than he would. Needless to say, he was NOT amused!!! Oh and, he DID NOT make it the third time, and I WOULD have had more time-in-grade than he did… except by then I was an E-6 and outranked him!!! I do love when a jerk gets what he deserves.

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