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Foster Brooks Roast Hank Aaron

Sergeant Bilko – Fred Gwynn is “The Stomach”

Foster Brooks Spoofs The Local Weather

Ronald Reagan – Make America Great Again – 1980

Bob Hope | Insults | Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, and more!

Blazing Saddles Fart Scene

Ronald Reagan Roast of Frank Sinatra

Mitch Hedberg – The Reason We Can’t Find Big Foot

Benny Hill – It’s A Boy!

Benny Hill – Nurse Watching in the Park (1970)

Foster Brooks roasts Jack Benny, 1974

Who’s Minding the Mint? | Full Movie | Classic TV Rewind

Gallagher – Sledge-O-Matic (The Maddest)

Attack of the Killer Tomatoes Trailer

George Carlin on Politicians

Mitch Hedberg: I Wish They Made Fajita Cologne | Late Night with Conan O’Brien

Ronald Reagan’s one-liners

Rodney Dangerfield Even Cracks Up the Orchestra (1978)

Milton Berle on his rumored endowment – EMMYTVLEGENDS.ORG

Martin & Lewis – What Would I Do Without You?

Dean Martin – Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime 1965

Bob Hope Special October 3rd, 1960

Operation Mad Ball 1957

The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show – Episode 4:8, “Gracie Thinks Harry Is Broke”

Sgt. Bilko / The Phil Silvers Show (4/5) Doberman Tries to Sell a Rifle (1955)

George Carlin on the NRA

Foster Brooks Roasts Muhammad Ali

Dean Martin & Foster Brooks – The Bar/Brain Surgeon

Benny Hill – The Crowner

Ronald Reagan and the Age Issue

🎁 “The Jack Benny Program” Christmas TV Classic Full Episode

Harpo meets Groucho on “You Bet Your Life”

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