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Attack of the Killer Tomatoes Trailer

George Carlin on Politicians

Mitch Hedberg: I Wish They Made Fajita Cologne | Late Night with Conan O’Brien

Ronald Reagan’s one-liners

Rodney Dangerfield Even Cracks Up the Orchestra (1978)

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Dean Martin – Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime 1965

Bob Hope Special October 3rd, 1960

Operation Mad Ball 1957

The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show – Episode 4:8, “Gracie Thinks Harry Is Broke”

Sgt. Bilko / The Phil Silvers Show (4/5) Doberman Tries to Sell a Rifle (1955)

George Carlin on the NRA

Foster Brooks Roasts Muhammad Ali

Dean Martin & Foster Brooks – The Bar/Brain Surgeon

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Ronald Reagan and the Age Issue

🎁 “The Jack Benny Program” Christmas TV Classic Full Episode

Harpo meets Groucho on “You Bet Your Life”

Groucho Marx’s Classic “Idiot” Line

Bob Newhart Monologue – Saturday Night Live

Jonathan Winters on The Jack Paar Show

Foster Brooks Roasts Sammy Davis Jr.

Billie Jean Stan Laurel Oliver Hardy Michael Jackson

Loafers Bakery Union Abbott and Costello

Three Stooges – You Owe Me $20 – Critical Thinking Exercise

Thanksgiving Jokes: Funny Stuff-ing by Johnny Carson

Ronald Reagan Joke About Democrats

The Best of Ronald Reagan Humor

GEORGE CARLIN – The Ten Commandments

Foster Brooks Roasts Rowan and Martin

Benny Hill – The Beach

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